EU Vi Framework Programme

Coordinated by the University of Pisa,

Department of Animal Production,

Prof. Francesco Di Iacovo,

Agriculture is Social

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S  o  c  i  a  l  F  a  r  m  i  n  g

Agriculture is Peaceful

Social Services

in Multifunctional Farms

Since ever agricultural and rural societies, all over the Europe, have developed experiences promoting diverse practices and forms of solidarity, social assistance and social inclusion.

Particularly we may speak of social farming (or ‘care farming’ or ‘green care’) to describe those farming practices aimed at promoting disadvantaged people’s rehabilitation and care and/or towards the integration of people with ‘low contractual capacity’ (i.e.: psychophysical disabilities, convicts, drug addicts, minors, emigrants).

So Far” is a multi-country specific support action, funded by the EU Commission [Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development]. It’s main goal is to support the building of a new institutional environment for “social/care farming”. The project started in may, 2006 and has duration of  30 months.

So Far is funded by the European Union as part of the research priority 8.1.B.1.1—”Modernisation and Sustainability of Agriculture and Forestry, including their multifunctional role in order to ensure the sustainable development and promotion of rural areas”, in the VI Framework Programme for research and technological development

So Far sta per social farming (agricoltura sociale). Il titolo completo del progetto è “Social Services in Multifunctional Farms”

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