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Country/regional platforms

In each participating country, “platforms” - bringing together researchers, stakeholders and policy-makers (around 15-25 people) - have been established during the 2nd phase of the project. A common methodology was developed  to enable participants to work together, in participatory fashion, in a workshop format at national/regional level. 

In these settings, participants from different relevant arenas come to debate and develop an agreed diagnosis of the current situation regarding social farming in their country/region and suggest strategies for its future development. Initial workshops have already been successfully completed in spring/summer 2007.

Subsequently, representatives from each of the country/regional platforms (2-4 people) have joint together at European level (i.e. a European platform) to reflect and debate on the various outcomes.  This  first international workshop took place on October 2007 in Brussels.

National and European “platforms” will generate additional insights via subsequent workshops which will happen over the lifetime of the project   They have the concrete objective of producing policy advice and innovation strategies on the topic of “social farming”.