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Country reports on the regional/national “State of the Art” of social/care farming have been completed in the first phase of the project. They are the product of  the information gathered in structured questionnaires and the analysis of open interviews conducted for 15 cases in each participating country.  In addition, each partner produced two detailed case study descriptions. The aim of this empirical research was to illustrate the nature, extent and diversity of experiences across Europe. This newly produced knowledge was integrated with more widely available information on social farming  and, where possible, analysis from previous studies to form the State of the Art Report.

 However, for some participating countries, there was little or no previous relevant research available to inform the work, so the project can be regarded as “pioneering” in this regard.  In general, each State of the Art report provided an overall description of the main features of “social/care” farming in each country/region; players’ motivations and the start-up process of the initiatives; different typologies of “social/care farms”; the range of actors and networks involved; the economic dimension; the evolution of policies and gender/ environment related aspects of the initiatives.