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Agriculture is Care


The overall aim of this project is to support the building of a new institutional environment for social farming, providing linkage of research to practitioners / rural players and bringing diverse European experiences closer, in order to compare, exchange and coordinate experiences and efforts. Furthermore, it aims at creating a platform around the topic - bringing together key stake-holders and rural development researchers - which can envisage and support the designing of future policies at regional and European levels.

Specific objectives are:

® To assess (and compare):
- Consistence and features of existing realities
- Scientific evidences of the effects of agro-social rehabilitative practices

® To compare and share:
- Concepts and vocabulary
- (Reference) procedures
- (Potential) system of support

® To enhance:
- Networking and coordination among stakeholders and research
- Dissemination of the experiences and lessons learnt
- Capacity of visibility, positioning and voicing as a system

® To design systemís innovation strategies at country/regional and European levels

® To learn methodological lessons on how to develop participatory research as a valid way to provide scientific support to policies