The project had a duration of 30 months. Along this span the support activities (fact-finding and analysis, country/regional ‘platform’, European ‘platform’ and communication/dissemination) produced diverses deliverables.

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Fact-finding and analysis represent the main activity of the first phase of the project (months 0-8). This  preparatory work has brought to the achievement of a common, basic knowledge (1st milestone of the project). The main outcome is a “state of the art” report that includes an overview of social farming in the participating countries and exemplar stories of diverse “social/care” farms.

The second phase (months 8-16) saw the development of ‘platforms’ at regional/national scale (one per participating country) that have brought together researchers, policy-makers and rural players, based on participatory in-group working. The production of country-/regional SWOT analysis and innovation strategies represent the achievement of a second project milestone

During the third phase (months 16-24) a European platform is being developed. This work represents a scaling-up of the previous activities (country based) at European level – following-up objectives and methodologies already experimented. The main expected outcome is Strategy for system’s innovation designed together by researchers and diverse representatives of rural players and public institutions, at European scale


Work-plan and outcomes

The last phase of the project (months 24-30) has been dedicated to the completion of management and dissemination activities. Particularly it has seen the editing of a final publication, whit a double nature: a book and an audio-visual documentary. The latter has also been the fruit of “participatory” photo work, involving rural players.

Publishable final activiy report cumulates and summarises the project activities and results over full duration.