According to the most recent count of the Support Centre for Green Care in September 2006, over 200 care farms are more or less active
 in Flanders... 

Flanders / Belgium

Diversity should be the key work for characterising the evolution of social/care farming in France. One specificity of what’s going on in France, in relation with other European countries, is that social/care farming is considered by the concerned stakeholders as a highly ethical and solidarity activity more than  a (profitable) business.


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General description of the “state of the art” and specific cases of social/care farming in the diverse participating countries (UNREVISED DRAFT PAPERS)

Country/regional overviews and cases

In Slovenia, as in many EU countries social farming is not organised yet, but rather a patchwork like reality mostly developed on voluntary bases, bottom-up actions, and not supported by any specific policies…. 


The combination of agricultural work and care is not new. For a long time it was common that individuals who were ‘different’ and could not participate fully in society, worked on a farm...

The Netherlands

The term “agricoltura sociale” (i.e. social farming) has recently entered the scene of rural development in Italy, embracing a wide constellation of different practices that are emerging in different territories; experiences that, in many cases, were born as bottom-up actions...


In this survey an overview on social faming projects, initiatives and associations in Germany is presented as a result of the research activities within the EU- SoFar- project....


Casella di testo: It is necessary to preface the following commentary by noting that, to our knowledge, this overview represents the first attempt by Irish researchers from any discipline to provide a comprehensive picture of the nature and extent of Social Farming in Ireland.  As such, the results should be regarded as preliminary and as seen a point of departure for further analysis...